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Need some advice on how to route emails for a specific ou in an exchange 2010 organization

Hello Experts,

We are currently running exchange 2010 in a dag environment consisting of 3 mailbox and 4 cas/hub servers. we are currently host 10 email domains and all our external emails go through a smart host connecting to an external spam filter.

our company abcd.com bought a company xyz.com, 3 months ago. In order for the employees at xyz to be able to use abcd email addresses. We created contacts for them i.e. johndoe@abcd.com forwards to johndoe@xyz.com.

All of these contacts are routing through the smart host that connects to the external spam filter.

They want me to look into seperating the xyz users to be able to send emails using dns instead of using the smart connector.

Problem is I need to make sure all of the other users at abcd are able to route emails using the smart connector since they use the same email domain abcd.com

we also have a site to site link with them now. they are also running exchange 2010 on their end.

Is there a way to route email using a specific OU or creating a federation trust will help in this matter.

Thank you,

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MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Not sure I am completely understand your req.

If you want to configure mail flow between server do as below

In xyz.com exchange
Go to on exchange 2010 -> EMC -> org config -> Hub transport-> Accepted Domain
Create a new accepted domain 'abcd.com' configure as  externl-relay.

Go to on exchange 2010 -> EMC -> org config -> Hub transport-> send connector edit your current send connector and make it use the IP of exch2010(abcd.com)  as smart host relay

Go to on exchange 2010 -> EMC -> org config -> Hub transport-> Email Address Policies
Update the email address policy so that all users will have two email addresses (e.g. mshaikh22@abcd.com and mshaikh22@xyz.com)

In abcd.com exchnage
Go to exchange 2010 -> emc -> server config -> hub tranposrt -> create a new receive connector make it accept connections from the IP of exch2010(xyz.com) and allow relaying on it

All the mails will receive in abcd.com and forward to xyz.com.
when an email from xyz.com it will send to abcd.com to send outside.
mshaikh22Author Commented:

Sorry to confuse you, 200 people from abcd.com emails need to be relayed using dns and the rest of the 800 people still need their abcd emails relayed throught the existing smarthost .

We do not need to use xyz.com email addresses at all.
MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Both site has exchange servers?

Both exchange has a public IP?
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mshaikh22Author Commented:

both sites are external sites and there is no trust between them.
MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Then do what I mentioned in the first post.

If you do not want xyz.com email address, Remove the xyz.com from the accepted domains from the exchange server of xyz.com site

Please let me know if you are not clear.
mshaikh22Author Commented:
Hi Abbasift

Sorry to confuse u again. xyz.com email domain is not hosted at company abcd.com email domain.

let me start again

company a (Exchange 2010) is abcd has 800 employees.
company b (Exchange 2010) is xyz - 200 employees

company A (abcd) routes their email through an external spam filter.
There is no trust between company a and company b

A request has come in to have abcd.com email address which consist of 200 xyz external contacts (abcd contact forward to a xyz email addresses) and 600 internal abcd.com mailboxes to be able to communicate with each other internally instead of using the external spam filter.

Is that possible?
mshaikh22Author Commented:
Sorry, I didn't read your first post properly, I will look into the suggestion in your first post and let you know if its working. Thanks a lot.

mshaikh22Author Commented:
Issue was resolved internally by creating contacts on both end which allowed emails to be routed.
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