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Internet Security 2012.

Hi all

I had the virus Internet Security 2012.which i removed. But before and now after cant get
any internet connection.

Win 7

Thanks Davy
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For got to say i have other pc's on my network that work fine.
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Are you able to connect to the network without any problem with this PC?
My experience with Internet Security 2012 and similar infections is as follows:
I scanned it with various antivirus sw (kaspersky, NIS, .. ), also antimalware (malwarebytes, search and destroy, .. ), mannual clean by deleting concrete files, values in registry and yes, I found some risks and infiltrations but as you wrote, internet connection or random pop ups were still a problem. If you are not glad to reinstall whole PC, I recommend you just to create new user profile and then copy/move your documents here.
I am sure (my experience) this infection is user profile related and you won´t experience internet connection problems if you switch another user profile
So if you are using user named User1, just go to C:\Users and rename User1 to something else (e.g. _USer1) and then log as User1 again, this will create new profile and you can just move your documents from _User1 to User1 (clients such as outlook you will have to configure once again)

Hopefully it will help you
Perhaps you can check this.

I hope it helps
You will normally find that most versions of this piece of sleazeware leave Internet explorer set up to use a proxy server ; you may want to check those settings, as most malware removal tools will not identify what could well be a genuine setting.
Can you do a system restore? Also a reg cleaner might help such as ccleaner and/or regmechanic
You can also use hitman pro to clean your system. I have a very good experience with this tool. You can download it here.
"RogueKiller" has a menu of autofixes that will repair many of the symptoms lingering after the initial repair of the "2012" variants.

Run all four of the Menu Items mentioned in the EE Articles below and post the logs that are generated so that we can review them for further steps.

(I'm glad that my other Article cleaned up the infection - and you could have just posted a follow up comment over in your other question.)

EE Articles:
Assuming you already run cleanup tools and the PC is now clean, and you've done the basic fixes for troubleshoooting loss of connection.

Check if Base Filtering Engine (BFE) and the Windows Firewall (mpssvc) and Security Center (mscsvc) are running since this malware deletes these keys.
You can import these keys from another PC if needed.

If key/keys are present, just try and change permission to give it full control.

Open regedit and navigate to this key:

rightclick on "Services"
select "Permissions" and click Add

Type in:
NT Service\bfe

Click on Check Name. Select BFE on the permission page and click on the first box to the right of Full Control (Allow column).
Apply and reboot and see if BFE is now running.

If the computer is on a domain and the location is set up on a domain name you might get an error after typing "NT Service\bfe" and clicking on Check Name, just change the location to local computer for it to work.
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Hi  rpggamergirl

Have done what you said but still no network connection.

Did you check the proxy settings for the IE browser as I mentioned earlier?

tools/internet options/connections/LAN settings/proxy server? (report any settings in there)

Im also a little confused here - is it IE that you are having problems with, or is the machine not networking AT ALL?

What are the results of Ipconfig /all?  - are you getting an internal IP address?
Can you ping the machine from another computer on the network? What about if you use a different browser, like Chrome? Also chrisalis has a good suggestion of checking for the proxy setting check box, I've seen that problem happen a lot.
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I just cant get a connection to the internet. i have other pc on the net iam using IE
First of all want to have a network connection.

Thanks Davy
did you try on that machine to be connected as different user and check the internet connection?

Is the network card enabled on that machine? - it doesnt appear to show in IPconfig (there only appears to be a bluetooth and two tunnel adapters.

Goto control panel - network and sharing centre - change adapter settings,   and check that the network card is showing as enabled
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yes i have configured a nwe user no luck


lokk to the screen shot
OK - so you appear to be using wireless - can we try with a cable to the router to remove any wireless problems? - Your cabled connection is not connected
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Hi Cris

Ive connected a network cable but it does not reconize it
I know this sounds silly- but have you restarted this machine lately? - if you havent done in the last hour or so - please do so now.
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Hi chris

Just to let you know i have just installed a new wireless usb still the same problem.

Ive just restarted the pc same problem. i just dont understand it.

go to start  - in "search programs and files - type "services.msc" (no quotes)  and check whether the dhcp client is starting automatically
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Done that and restarted the DHCP SERVICE no luck
Try disabling IPv6? I don't know just a suggestion.
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Try disabling IPv6? same problem

This one is stubborn!

As there is no apparent traffic, even on the working network card, have you tried a reset of the tcp/ip stack? - see

And just in case-disable any firewalls if you haven't already done so.
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Hej Chris

I dont understand this one its got me beat. I have alreay disabled the firewall.

TCP stack was one of the first things i did. still no luck. May have to do a reninstall.
Did you run hitmanpro?  This piece of software doesn't only remove the Internet Security virus, but also checks all your network settings, such as DNS entries on your system.

I had once a virus that had changed my DNS settings to a DNS server that was on the blacklist. The program found this and repair the settings.
This is a long shot, but have you tried removing and reinstalling the network card (probably WONT work because you already have a WLAN card installed, but still worth a try.....

Just a thought - tried SFC /scannow?
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bright 12

I have'nt tryed hitman pro but will later today.

Chris its not the netcard as i said in my earlier post i install a new usb wireless card
still same problem.

Thanks all
did you try SFC /scannow?

I know you are trying to get the WLAN working, but there is obviously a problem with connectivity in general, (there is NO TCP/IP traffic AT ALL on your WLAN - most unusual) and its normally easier to diagnose problems on a cabled connection; thats why I seem to be concentrating on the Network card - get that right and all the other stuff should follow.

When you install a card it should try to install all the relevant protocols for that card; if they are not working properly it CAN give you a pointer as to whats wrong.
As  a matter of interest, have you started the system in safemode with networking to see if either of the cards connect? - or even if the NIC is then active. If it is, it may be that the machine is still infected with something.
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Hi Chris

Will try later to day.
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The pc has a recovery partion do you think i could get the ADF SYS from there ??

or does it have to be a vista disk.
It doesn't really matter as long as its a clean version of the original driver. If you can manage to grab a copy of the original AFD.sys from the recovery partition then that might be fine. Though it a much better idea to have a installation disk on hand as it cannot get infected or delete like a recovery partition can.