Asus p8z68-v hotswap sata

Hi all,

I have a coolermaster CM690II case which has on top a drive bay easy sliding dock.
You can put a sata harddisk in there without having to open the case. Just slide it in and your set. Internally you have a sata power cable and Sata data cable connected to the mainboard.

The maiboard I have is Asus P8Z68-V
The OS is win7
Can I add it in such a way that I cann connect disks and disconnect them whitout rebooting?
How should this be done?
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why cant you open the case you will need to open the case to install the hotswap cage as these are not standard they are all different but yes it will work with plug and play once installed no problem as windows will find it when its plugged in
osa2Author Commented:
The design of the case has a disk dock on top.

So , you don't have to open the case also there is no real hotswap cage.
It is more a disk dock with a SATA power and SATA data connection pre installed.

My windows does not find the disk.
When I reboot it is found but not on just clicking it in.
ok sorry It sounds like the normal kind of sata dock now

in device manager have you got any yellow triangles on any hardware this could point to a failed driver code 10 usually

I have on my pc a e-sata and I had to install a driver for the sata port it was connected to to get a sata drive to plug and play it would work if I restarted the pc so it sounds like a driver is potentially missing
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Usually, the only thing required to make them hot-swappable is to change the drive controller in the BIOS from IDE to AHCI mode.

Set SATA controller to AHCI Mode in P8Z68-V BIOS

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here an interesting article on it, pointing to a driver for hotswap :
and here the program (V6 now) :
That's not really a driver... just an extra 'Safely Remove Hardware' tray utility dedicated only to detected SATA drives (which is, nevertheless, handy).

You would still need to have AHCI Mode set in BIOS or the system will not detect that the hard drive has been changed and tell windows about it.

Also, if you did not install vista/Win7 with AHCI Mode, the AHCI driver will not be enabled.
Unless you can set the mode on each drive separately (which does not appear possible with that ASUS board), you need to enable that driver BEFORE switching the BIOS to AHCI Mode or windows will bluescreen on bootup. See

XP was much harder to switch, and was almost easier to just reinstall XP and load the AHCI driver with F6 at the beginning of the install.
yep Darr247, i noticed that also
osa2Author Commented:
So, I need to switch the bios to ahci and reformat the pc so win7 knows it is workin in ahci mode correct?
you shouldn't need to reload windows as it will find the driver during boot plug and play
i also found if you run scna for hardware changes, it detects the drive
it did so on my older Foxconn 945model mob
osa2Author Commented:
And can I safley detach it when I want? Or do I need to install a 3th party software like the mt-naka
you can isntall them safely, the plugs for power are longer than the others
i tried it several times, and it works without problems
I use a 2.5 " 320gb sata drive to an external e-sata for copying data and things from a machine not on the network with also has e-sata like I said it didn't work until all the drivers where installed and now it works fine unlug it from one pc plug it in the other copy the stuff off and then unplug and replug it into the other machine job done
Run the hotfix at then change the SATA to AHCI Mode in BIOS.
in my post, you should read : the contacts are longer instead of the plugs
osa2Author Commented:
I have managed to activate the ahci in the bios.
Or better it was already activated But under the bios settings there where 6 sata channels and all where disabled.

After enabeling this. I can now plugin a disk.
But when I start swapping disks. Some are not automaticcaly found.
When I go to computer magangemnt
Disk managment and search for new hardware it then finds the disks.
Why arn't they found automaically do I need do download something else?
what do you mean its always going to find the disk when you plug it in it shouldn't ask for a download
>>  Some are not automaticcaly found  <<  were that Sata drives?
test them on another pc also - if possible - they can have a problem
osa2Author Commented:
My findings:

I have 6 Sata harddisks to test with.
I have all 6 individual attached to the same sata cable and power cable on a second pc.
All are recognized with windows 7.

So, my conclusion is. No of the 6 hard disk are broken.
I have also changed the volume label and written some data to it to test and delete some data.
This is working okay. Conclusion nothing wrong with the disks.

I have attached them all in the hot swap bay all disks are found and discovered correctly except for 1 disk. Which isn't detectable.

Now, I power down the system and remove the disk from the hotswap bay.
As I'm not shure what is causing the problem. I use a shrakoon combo esata dock.

I plugin the Esata cable directly on the mainboard (excluding the chasis as an error maker)
When I now insert the 6 harddisks only 2 are recognized (after manual search for new disks)
Power down the whole system.
reboot the system
Same test
Now other disks are found and some not.

Verry strange.
Power supply is a Corsair HX650W
There is 1 ssd harrdisk to boot
ands 1 2TB sata harddisk inside

Also 1 bluray drive
and 1 card reader.

I don't think it is a power problem; Because the sharkoon dock is externally powered.
And I don't get good results either.

What could be the issue and how do I start eliminating the cause?
osa2Author Commented:
1 other thing I found out.
When I wait a long time like 5 minutes.
All disks are always recognized.

Put in the disk. wait 2 to 3 minutes.
do nothing.
Then find new devices. Disk is found each time and every disk
>>  except for 1 disk. Which isn't detectable.  << is that disk the same model as the others? or are they all different

eSata is not the same as Sata, since you depend on the properties of the eSata controller

>>  When I wait a long time like 5 minutes.
All disks are always recognized     <<<<   maybe the cpu is busy doing other tasks?
I believe once you insert them, windows stores their UID in the registry... so  if you assign them a drive letter in Disk Management, no matter what SATA port you connect it to from then on, it will get that same drive letter. I have not experimented to see what would happen if you assign more than one the same drive letter, then later connect them both at the same time (I usually build with or add only 1 trayless bay in desktops, and don't currently have any eSATA appliances/devices).
osa2Author Commented:

The cpu isn't doing anything.
It is a brand new Core I7 2600K cpu
So performance wise. It should be strong enough. Other then just testing the disk I'm not doing anything. Also, disabled Kaspersky AV. Just to be shure.

I'm not running 'actively' any programs apart of win7 build in programs.
So, whatever windows is needed this is running. No other software. afaik

@darr247 I just tested the eSATA enclosure to be shure it is not the case/connector who is causing the issue.

SO, leaving 2 things.
Either it is the controller on board the Asus
Or it is windows 7.

I don't expect it to be the disks as I can reach them fine on other pc hardware.
I don't think it is cabeling. Because of the eSATA dock wich gives the same error/slow recognizing

SO, it is either the controller or windows 7 I think
osa2Author Commented:
The problem kind of fixed itself.
I have changed the harddisk the one which was not recognized.
With a otherone and now all seems to be working correct.

Strange. Very strange
then it looks like the disk itself was the problem -best run a diag over it
osa2Author Commented:
The thing/ issue was I think the Bios not being AHCI enabled before installing win7.
I read on a forum some place that the AHCI should be enabled before formating the disk and installing windows.

So it was a combination of 2 things.
1 faulty harddisk and software issue not doing stuff good.

How do I settle the points here?
yes ahci defines the sata port's abilities
for points, follow the guidelines in the help section
you can select 1 or more answers as you see fit, or not
Splitting them however you want is fine with me, too... but regardless of how they're split, I'm curious about how well the MS FixIt Tools work, in general...

Did switching back to IDE mode, running Fix it 50470 at then switching to AHCI mode make it so Win7 would recognize the disks, or did you have to manually edit the registry as outlined in the Let me fix it myself section?

(or did neither of those methods work?)

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