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I have an AD forest in my company with a sub domain. Top level domain is "". The sub domain is "".

Our exchange keeps the mailboxes for both domains. The email addresses are below.

i have added "" & "" as accepted domains in our exchange but the problem is every time I create an user mailbox SMTP address comes only as "".

I would like to know how to get all the SMTP addresses in the mailbox in relation to the accepted domains I have configured in the Exchange Server.

Hope I have made myself clear here.

Expert help is much appreciated.
Sajith SilvaAsked:
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Elmar KoschkaConnect With a Mentor IT System EngineerCommented:
Elmar KoschkaConnect With a Mentor IT System EngineerCommented:
In EMC you can create a rule (email adresspolicy). See Attachement.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Adding a note: only one of this email address can be principal and outgoing email address. Principal mail address is the address appearing as user´s mail address, can receive from other directions but outgoing mail appears send as principal address.
MAS (MVE)Connect With a Mentor Technical Department HeadCommented:
Here you go

Just update the current email address policy. as shown above
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