Compare data in pivots


I have attached a ss with two pivots that i need to compare on a daily basis.

The books and isin will change ever day, so the number of rows and columns will change in both pivots (Pivot & Sophis Pivot)

The aim of the comparison is to highlight in green any matching data from Sophis Pivot into Pivot.

I have highlighed green some of the matches and red some of the no matches.

Is it possible to run some code that could run through the pivots and identify the matches highlight green and then identify the non matches and highlight red?

All zeros would be ignored.

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I think this does exactly what you want.  Please let me know if you have questions about how it works.  I tried to document it in the code.


Seamus2626Author Commented:
Think you forgot the attachment :-)

Yep - my bad.  Browsed to it, but forgot to click the "Attach" button.
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Oops - Should have zipped it.
Seamus2626Author Commented:
Looks really good Sid, however there are some lines it is missing


row 62, 51, 40, 12

The whole row should be red if there is no matching Isin in "Pivot"

Can you add a line of code for that?


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Seamus2626Author Commented:
Legend, thanks Sid.

Im going repost with an adjustment in a few mins as i have slight amendment to make but its a new question.

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