Printserver 2008

I have a printserver on windows 2008. And there are 3 departments(sales,control,Secretary in my company.
All those 3 department uses a printer can color printing.Normaly when user need color printing that user goes to properties and changes black white to color.
I would like restrict this process.

What I want:
1.sales,control,and Secretary can BLACK_WHITE printing.(cant change properties)
2.only sales can COLOR printing .(cant change properties). can i restrict also properties options on the printer?
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Elmar KoschkaIT System EngineerCommented:
Make 2 Printer shares with this properties and give no user change permissions. then give the right users permissions for the printers.
apollo-13Author Commented:
give no user change permissions--- sorry how can i do that?
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apollo-13Author Commented:
i try ,but still all user can open printer properties.(disable manage printer in SECURTY TAB)

I do not understand at all...
Elmar KoschkaIT System EngineerCommented:
You can deploy following registry key via gpo to user workstations/profiles
apollo-13Author Commented:
Hi Elmar
I think link does not work
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