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I have a Oracle 8 database on a VMS server and i do not have access to that servere.
Have another server(windows) with Oracle 9i client installed and it can connect to the above mentioned 8i database without issues. I tried to take an export of a schema from the 8i database connecting with a 9i client from the windows server and it does'nt seem to work ( do not have the exact error msg info) . Is it possible to take a export of a 8i schema connected from a 9i client on a different server? I have taken exports of a 9i , connected with 10g client and 10g export connected witha 11g client, but 8i export with 9i client does'nt seem to work.

Please let me know.

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Check out:
Compatibility Matrix for Export And Import Between Different Oracle Versions [Video] [ID 132904.1]

The doc states you need to use exp form the lower version number.  Although some of the newer versions might work, looks like 9i to 8i does not.

5. Basic Compatibility.
5.1. Export client.

Export client compatibility:

Always use a version of the EXPORT utility that is equal to the lowest version of either the source or the target database.

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Give a try with 10g client.

Also try with 9i client but experiment with full export, schema level export.

Also investigate how complex is the schema. If it is not very complex (number of tables, size, reference constraints) you czn try to clone it on 9i or even 10g instance.
crishna1Author Commented:
that's interesting , will give it a try with 10g client tomorrow and let you know.
This schema has lot of referential constraints.
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crishna1Author Commented:
using the 10g client did not work.
crishna1Author Commented:
by any chance, is there a 8i client download available anywhere?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I'm not aware of any Oracle site that still has 8i on it.

I would go through the hoops and get command line access to the VMS server or have an admin do the exit for you.

How much data are you needing to move?  You can probably write your own export to CSV or something similar then use sql loader to load it back in.
crishna1Author Commented:
tried the "export to CSV" and "export table data" using TOAD. all these were resulting in constraint violations. diasble the constrainst and ran the insert statements, now cant enable the constraints for the same reason. hence looking at the option of exporting the schema from the 8i database.
crishna1Author Commented:
i "may" be able to get command level access to the VMS server , but i am not familiar with the commands to get to the export, never worked on a VMS before. Is it similar to a UNIX box?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
exp is exp no matter what operating system.

What differs is how you set up the environment variables to connect to the proper database.  My VMS is more than 20 years old so I won't be of much help there.

As long as you log into the oracle user, everything should be set up for you.

Make sure the file transfer from server to server is binary.

The CSV method:
Do you have constraints on the new database that you do not have on the old database?

As long as you load parent tables first then child tables you should be fine.
crishna1Author Commented:
the new database is created from the "Create Tables"  script generated with toad.
tried to load the parent tables first , but not quite sure of all the parent tables, there are several of is like peeling an onion.  

We couldnt find the Oracle user on the VMS box, it is very very old and no one that had set it up are around :-(. This whole task has started to eliminate that box and the task of recreating the schema with data has landed on my plate.
crishna1Author Commented:
hence teh original question..."How to export a 8i and import into 9i"
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
From the VMS command prompt what happens it you just typ exp and hit enter?

I have not been able to locate any link that shows how to use exp on a vax.  I'll keep looking.
crishna1Author Commented:
bottom line, an Oracle 8i schema cannot be exported with any other version of Oracle.
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