tsm migration from hdd to tape fails

Migration from Harddisk pool to tape pool fails with error insufficient space in
subordinate storage pool.
I have a tapes which are not full and there status are filling, tapes are in read/write, but I receive a message:
ANR1025W Migration process 633 terminated for storage pool HDDPOOL - insufficient space in
subordinate storage pool.

I checked the log and what I am seeing is:

ANR8337I LTO volume ST1004L3 mounted in drive MT1.0.0.1  
                          (\\.\Tape2). (PROCESS: 634)                              
03/12/2012 15:01:27      ANR0513I Process 634 opened output volume ST1004L3.      
                          (PROCESS: 634)                                          
03/12/2012 15:01:48      ANR8341I End-of-volume reached for LTO volume ST1004L3.  
                          (PROCESS: 634)                                          
03/12/2012 15:01:50      ANR0515I Process 634 closed volume ST1004L3.

Volume Name                  Storage         Device         Estimated       Pct      Volume
                             Pool Name       Class Name      Capacity      Util      Status
------------------------     -----------     ----------     ---------     -----     --------
ST1004L3                     FSPOOL          LTOCLASS1        762.9 G      53.7     Filling
Any idea what I have to do? Does this tape has any problem?
Could you tell me if i decide to change the tape how to move data stored on this tape  to the new tape.
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Hi, this might happen in several situations, for example if you have a very big file in diskpool which TSM server estimate it can't move to that filling tape. This is probably not your case however. First thing you should clarify is which trigger has initiated that migration process. There is an IBM APAR that might apply to your case:


Basically, I suggests you to do the following:

1. Prevent automatic migration from running, set the HIGHMIG attribute of the storage pool definition to 100 (upd stg HDDPOOL high=100).
2. Set the reclaim threshhold to 100% for the storage pool being migrated (upd stg FSPOOL recl=100).
3. Use the migrate stgpool command with reclaim=no (default) to prevent reclamation from starting (migr stg HDDPOOL recl=no).

Although you may skip point 1 and do 2 and 3 above (as suggested by IBM) you may want to run point 1 to prevent automatic migration. Let me know if your problem get solved.

Please note that your last request "change the tape how to move data stored on this tape  to the new tape" is not possible with TSM, because you are migrating to a storage pool, not to a specific volume, and even if we can find a way to force that, you really do not want to mess up things.

hope this helps, please let me know if it worked out
dedriAuthor Commented:
I put one new tape in the library and after that the migration is started successful and backups completes successful.
However, I want to remove this tape from the library. Could you tell me what is the procedures that I need to follow in order to remove the tape. I want to preserver data stored in this tape on the library.
by removing online tapepools tapes you're going to cope with a lot of trouble ... tsm is not designed to do so unless you have a copypool.

If you really need to do that you should set its state in "offsite" and then issue a "checkout libvol" command

I do not know about your environment, but if you need to extract tapes from drives you should have a tape autoloader with at least 2 drives, define a copypool and extract only tapes from copypool.

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dedriAuthor Commented:
My enviornemnt is Library TS3200( with 2 drives) and a lot of tapes inside this library. My HDDPOOL is a disk pool(disk drive attached to TSM server - 300GB), and I have FSPOOL( tapes in library). Backups are not performed directly on tapes but instead they go initialy to disk pool and after reaching 75% they start migration to FSPOOL. And I have a problem with one of the tape in this tapepool, it constantly  becomes read-only, unavailable, data is not possible to be written on it without any reason. This is the above mentioned tape. In my view this tape is bad, and I am looking for any way to remove it from the library. I can checkout the tape, but in case I need a restore and data is located in this tape I need to check in again and I am not sure if I will have again any error message. That's why I am looking a way to move the data from this tape to any other and after that to through this tape to the recycle bin, because it's bad tape.

Volume Name                  Storage         Device         Estimated       Pct      Volume
                             Pool Name       Class Name      Capacity      Util      Status
------------------------     -----------     ----------     ---------     -----     --------
ST1004L3                     FSPOOL          LTOCLASS1        762.9 G      53.7     Filling
ok, this is another story ...

you can move data from that tape by doing this command:

move data ST1004L3 stg=FSPOOL

it will move data to another tape of the same pool (FSPOOL)

as long as that tape is at least "Read-Only" (e.g.: if it is "unavailable" you need to set it "Read-Only" or "Read/Write" and then issue that command).

After successfully run that command, you should have volume  ST1004L3 in state "Scratch".
To remove it from library you have to run a checkout libvol command (check the syntax, you need to declare the library in it). Please note that after it is scratch, if you set it unavailable, TSM server will not try to write on it anymore and you are safe anyway.


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