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Auto BCC or Forward all Sent Items from Exchange / Outlook

Alski asked
Is there a way to automatically BCC or have a copy of all Sent Items emailed to another person within an Exchange 2003 org? This would need to be done silently without the user knowing.

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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Be aware that depending on your country/state/location, this MAY or MAYNOT be legal. To do this without disclosure to your staff can be a breach of local law and if so could invalidate any action you are trying to achieve by doing this snooping.

Such things are best clearly stated in a contract of employment, something along the lines of....

ALL Emails/electronic content originating from or directed to staff of xxx corp are the sole property of xxx corp and as such xxx corp has the legal right to store/monitor and intercept all electronic data......

Obviously your legal department would need to be involved in the exact wording.


We are already using Journaling for our Spam archive, but this would work.

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