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File Access Permission Denied...


I have ASP.NET page which is on Server1 and is trying to access a text file from a folder in Server2.

1. The ASP.Net code sits in a virtual directory on the IIS.

2. There is another virtual directory in the IIS which points to a location on the Server2 "\\Server2\Foldery\". I use this virtual directory and do Server.MapPath and get the loaction from this virtual directory. The path returned is right.

3. When I do a File.Exists(Path) it returns false, even though the file exsits on the Server2.

4. Can somebody help with the permissions that I have to give for the

a. Virtual Directory hosting the ASP.Net page. b. Virtual Directory poiting to the Server2. c. Folder on the Server2.

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Hi Sedgwick,

When I try FileStream fs = new FileStream(fromFile, FileMode.Open);

I get Access to the path "\\Server2\folder1\file.txt" is denied error.
what's the exception?
i assume it fails because the ASPNET user doesn't have the permission to access the file.
goto the folder \\Server2\folder1\, Right Click -> Properties->Security ->Edit->Add , add everyone user to permission table.
I get a "unauthorizedaccessexception". I used Procmon.exe on the Server2 where the file is. Process monitor reports no hits from outside. So, it seems like the call from the Server1 is blocked by the IIS itself.
I created a new virtual directory and moved all the files there. Boom it worked.... thnx sedgwick for you answers though...