Get PC IP address with Delphi XE2

Is there a simple way for a Delphi XE2 application to get the IP address of the PC where the application is running ?
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Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
uses winsock;
{$R *.dfm}

function LocalIP: string;
  TaPInAddr = array [0..10] of PInAddr;
  PaPInAddr = ^TaPInAddr;
  phe: PHostEnt;
  pptr: PaPInAddr;
  Buffer: array [0..63] of Ansichar;
  i: Integer;
  GInitData: TWSADATA;
  WSAStartup($101, GInitData);
  Result := '';
  GetHostName(Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer));
  phe := GetHostByName(Buffer);
  if phe = nil then
  pptr := PaPInAddr(phe^.h_addr_list);
  i := 0;
  while pptr^[i] <> nil do
    Result := StrPas(inet_ntoa(pptr^[i]^));

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
indy components include a component TIdIpWatch

Place on a form and IdIpWatch1.LocalIp to get your ip
or in a function:
function LocalIp: string;
var IPW: TIdIPWatch;
  Result := '';
  IpW := TIdIPWatch.Create(nil);
    if IpW.LocalIP <> '' then
      Result := IpW.LocalIP;

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LeTayAuthor Commented:
Hello Geert, I wonder how you can find to for "productive" (making money) work seeing all the good answers/solutions you provide to the community !
Many thanks
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This is yet another reason why I like Delphi.  I can take a 12 or 18 month contract and afford to have some time off!
LeTayAuthor Commented:
You mean time off to help EE ?
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
i admit it is difficult to cram everything in a 24 hour day.
it helps if you only need 5 to 7 hours of sleep

while oracle things are installing i try and solve delphi questions on EE
currently i'm installing a lot :)

current job: oracle dba + sap basis 3 years
previous jobs: delphi developer 10 years,
  technician (plumbing, electricity, hvac, car mechanics in the weekend) 4 years
next job: don't know yet

old hobbies: martial arts (black belt), golf (handicap 9)
current hobby: house makeover, kids

you won't see me much in the weekends and evenings
i'm doing a makeover of our house
> currently the bathroom is 90% finished.
i didn't know a bathroom was so much work, been busy for 6 weeks now
the walk-in rain shower I installed actually works , no leaks !
my old job as a plumber is finally paying off :)

you can do anything you want, you just have to set your mind to it
LeTayAuthor Commented:
Nice to read activities of Experts that often are in the shadow ...
For me Delphi is not the major task but the one I prefer
I live in Brussels, Belgium and I will retire in July but ... will continue working as consultant ...
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
nice to see a fellow country member
retirement ... nice,
by the time i get there, there will be no money left the way di rupo and the rest are going on
Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
Mmm, I think that is simplest to use an embedded unit instead of a component coming from a huge component package.
Anyway, having already it installed, I agree that it's easy to use for this need
LeTayAuthor Commented:
I think the opposite, on a code review point of view.
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