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How to find an antenna for an old stereo that uses 2-wire instead of coaxial?

Leonard Gojer
I have a Technics SA-EX320 receiver. The model and brand apparantly have been discontinued. When I go to the electronics store, they don't sell any antenna that works with this system. The system uses two wires that are attached with screws, instead of the modern connection that is a coaxial connection. I tried going to several websites and asking local stores from the "Yellow Pages" and they could not help me. Does anyone on this website happen to know where I can obtain an antenna box that works with this system?
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If you search for Terk Technologies AM/FM antenna's they make what you need. Most of there antenna's come with the 300 ohm (twin lead) to 75 ohn (coax) adapter in the box. They start off at around $10 USD. The site is terk.com.
Leonard GojerCAD Technician/Programmer


Thank you very much, all of you.

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