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Store Thunderbird Profile on Server

This is on SBS 2011, I'm redirecting everyones folders, my docs, desktop etc. (expect appdata) to the server. From reading different posts on here it looks like redirecting appdata to the server is a bad idea. I'd like to get everyones Thunderbird profiles stored on the server, so backup is completely centralized. Is relocating the Thunderbird profile (using mozbackup or whatever other method) and storing it in the users redirected My documents folder the best thing to do here? Any other suggestions on this?
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Thunderbird data is stored in \User\Application Data\Thunderbird

There is an ini file that specifies where the Profiles folder (which contains all of the data) for the user is.  You could edit that and see if that redirects the data to where you want.

Also see http://www.njaka.com/blog/?tag=redirect-mozilla-thunderbird-profile and http://support.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/kb/Profiles#w_where-is-my-profile-stored

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