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Mac Mail Resets account settings on random intervals

goliveuk asked
We have a couple of Mac where the Mail software resets account settings at random intervals and on random accounts.
What could be the reason? How to stop it?
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This is most likely do to a preference or permission issue. There are ways that you can see exactly why an application is resetting. Console.app is a great resource to see what specifically is happening when it occurs. If you have this happen open Console and check the last few entries. It should tell you what is going on, if you do not understand what its spitting out simply copy and paste the most generic part of it into google.

Also if you are running on a directory such as Apple OSX Server or Windows server you may have the account trying to auto configure the mail every once and a while. This could also be a reason.


The account auto configuration is the most likely problem here, is it possible to turn it off?

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