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Software that Automatically Deletes files older than X days

Can anyone recommend some good software that will delete files older than X days or that runs every month for shares on my server. If Microsoft had a tool that would be even better. Want to clear out some shares every month on our Server 2008.

Also looking some good quota management software for folders, i know Microsoft has management for drives but i need to apply it to a load of folders (users homes)

Thanks for any help.
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You could use the following VBScript to accomplish this. You'll need to change the sRoot and NMaxFileAge variables to what you need and save it to .VBS. The create a task schedule job on the server with cscript.exe as the program and the path to the .vbs file as the arguments.

On Error Resume Next

Set oFileSys = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
sRoot = "C:\Path To Old Files"			'Path root to look for files
today = Date
nMaxFileAge = 3					'Files older than this (in days) will be deleted


Function DeleteFiles(ByVal sFolder)

	Set oFolder = oFileSys.GetFolder(sFolder)
	Set aFiles = oFolder.Files
	Set aSubFolders = oFolder.SubFolders

	For Each file in aFiles
		dFileCreated = FormatDateTime(file.DateCreated, "2")
		If DateDiff("d", dFileCreated, today) > nMaxFileAge Then
		End If

	For Each folder in aSubFolders

End Function

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We create .bat files and then schedule them to run using windows task scheduler.
Here is a good reference for commands:
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Id like to get some nice and easy to use GUI software if anyone could recommend some without using scripts and windows scheduler.
Here are a couple that will do what you are asking for in a gui.  Of course, the niceness of a programmed turnkey solution comes with a monetary cost.  ;)

File Automation Workshop

Win Quota
Thanks Guys,

Currently testing these out will get back when i come to a solution
I changed the vb script for just one day and i got the following error User generated image
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