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Can ping but not browse to website

I have a location with a DSL internet connection and an Actiontec PK5000 router.  Sometimes customers call and ask us to process a credit card for them using our internet connection.  We also have a DVR at the location and we need to access it using its ethernet connection.  I could not use port redirection for the DVR and have an active firewall at the same time on the Actiontec.  I purchased a Cisco E1200 router, converted the Actiontec to be just a bridge and want to use the Cisco router exclusively.  When I hooked it up I used a Panasonic laptop with W7 and the configuration went smoothly.  I then plugged in the IBM Think Center desktop with XP and the problems began.  The desktop has a Broadcom NIC and I am able to ping locally and outside the facility with no problem.  But it does not browse.  The browser bar sits there trying to make a connection but nothing happens.  I tested with the laptop and both the wireless connection and the NIC work properly.  I took an identical machine to that location with identical results.  I put a Linksys 10/100 NIC in the machine and tried, but again no connection.  I have a Linksys USB wireless adapter and plugged that in and it seemed to work well for a few days.  

Right now things are not working well.  The ethernet wired connection is not working so we are relying on the USB wireless.  But sometimes it is taking a long time for that connection to be established.  We are rebooting the computer and routers almost daily and having problems.  Sometimes even local connections to the DVR can take an hour or so to establish.  I have LogMeIn remote access loaded on that computer and I can connect to it quickly but I still have trouble browsing.  It makes no difference using IE, Firefox or Chrome as the browser.  

I am running a software at this location which will not run on W7 but requires XP.  I do not know if XP is the problem or if it is something else.  I am tempted to try a low end W7 computer and if it works get a KVM switch.  But any ideas anyone may have would be most appreciated.
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Can you ping the machine from another computer on the network? If you run an ipconfig /all, is the machine getting an IP address? Also might want to try a release/renew after installing the new switch.

Yes, when I had the laptop there I could ping to it.  Ipconfig showed it receiving an IP address.  Release/renew was tried and the problem persisted.  One thing I just tried is with a fixed IP address for the NIC and that did not help.  I browsed from that remote location back to our exchange mail server and immediately got the popup window for username and password.  I entered them and then sat for several minutes with a black screen as it was trying to connect.

So it seems like the problems started when you tried installing that Cisco router. Perhaps its an issue with that router?
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I think it is something with the router but I cannot figure out what it might be.  When I had a notebook computer there I disabled the wireless on it and was able to get a good wired connection.  But when I tried 2 different desktops I could not get a good wired connection.  I put an extra NIC on a desktop and could not get a good wired connection.  I moved the connections to different ports on the router with the same problem.  I am visiting that location today and will try to contact Cisco support again.  This has been a very frustrating situation.

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I still have no idea what the problem is. The desktop out there is an IBM with a Broadcom NIC. Today I took an HP with XP and the HP built-in NIC and that other machine worked. So I went out and purchased a Gateway W7 computer at Best Buy and installed it. It also worked fine from the start. All I can think of is that there must be some unidentified incompatibility between the IBM computer and the Linksys router. I have an application on the IBM that is local and requires XP with a serial port, so I am keeping the machine in that location and using both it and the W7 computer with a KVM switch. It may not be ideal but it is working. I did have another router along with me just in case, but I will accept the fact that things are now working.