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Is there  a way to tell what types of files are in our exchange database?

steveLaMi asked
We have 18 users and a 40 Gig exchange database and some of those users have 5 gig archive files!  Needless to say it's way too much information. I would like to see if they are keeping a/v files or zip attachments in their mailboxes. Is there a way to get a report of this?

Exchange 2003
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Vishal BreedProgram Manager

Please refer this link of 3rd party product which will help you getting required information.

Obviously, since such products interacts with database, it is suggested to check the same in test environment first.


MAPILab has a product that can get you that information as well http://www.mapilab.com/exchange/reports_exchange/

and I would also look at the Mailscape product http://www.enowconsulting.com/products-and-solutions/messaging-management/overview-0/

I would look at obtaining a DEMO from the one that appeals to you most

Glad i was able to help, what did you decide was best for your situation?

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