Exchange 2007 Hub Transport "Silently Drop Messge" step rule questions

I have inherited an Exchange 2007 server with bunch of Transport Rules. One of them threw me off. What it does it supposed to forward emails from certain external client domain to specific internal addresses of teams that handle those clients. I don't understand how it's forwarded there as I need to update it. The last step in the rule is "Silently Drop the Message". How does this work and where do I change where it's forwarded to internally

I hope I'm clear

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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
I assume you are confused with silently drop the message, check below kb, it explains each action.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Can you share the rule screenshot, or details, secondly, if it is working, what you want to change.
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
Configuration Summary:
Elapsed time: 00:00:00

Alerts for Team

Rule Comments:

Apply rule to messages
sent to a member of Team 1 or Team 2 or Team 3 or Team 4 or Team 4 or Team 5   and when any of the recipients in the To or Cc fields are support
   and when the From address contains
   and when the Subject field contains TI- or team-
silently drop the message
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piotrmikula108Author Commented:
the rule is working I just need it to change the destination address but I don't see it as the last step is "Silently Drop the Message" So I'm just trying to understand how that works as it's confusing. I would expect like in Outlook rules the last step would have the destination email address I could edit and be done
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
All those addresses are stored in the Team1-Team 5 DL's you can edit those only, say if you want to add new user, add the user in those 5 DL's, you can test it adding your own account to one of them
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
hmmm, ok. Thanks. MS didn't make it very intuitive
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