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Hide/remove Wordpress Portfolio pages titles

I did a number of searches and tried a couple things from the forums but still have the same problem. I have a live site,, and I am working on migrating it over to a web server. It's mostly functional as the live site with one problem. On each of the portfolio experience pages, after clicking 'read more' from the main portfolio page, they all seem to have a title bar at the top that I would like to hide or remove.
I uploaded a screenshot of both to show the issue and can be found at:
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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I looked at the site itself and couldn't duplicate the issue.  I clicked on the Portfolio link, then the 'read more' link and I was not getting any title bar or extra text.  

Try logging out in another browser and verify it's still there.  It maybe a theme specific function that gets called when your logged in.
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I ran the site in a different browser to get the same results. And it wouldn't be able to be duplicated on the 'live' site because that is functioning correctly. The problem is being generated on our web server where we are testing functionality of the site by running it through the hosts file to not use the 'live' site.

Any suggestions on which theme file might have this generating what is in the screen shot? I looked through the portfolio.php, index.php and sytle.css file and didn't quite see anything that looked like would do it.

It's probably a page template. If you know what template your using for those pages then take a look at the corresponding file.  
IE: If the page template is "Portfolio", then look at page-portfolio.php.

If it's not, then your going to look at single.php and page.php for the offending code.
I looked through those pages as well and nothing stuck out as the culprit. Do you happen to know what code in the php would make that?
It's hard to say really. Do you have a way to search through the file contents?  You could search for whatever is being output on the page
Yes, I used windows 7 to search file contents and none of them have the text. I was tweaking code on/off in the style.css file and was able to remove the picture on those pages by changing the display:block to display:none. However, I can't seem to find what part of the code is effecting that one header line.
Do you have a live link?  What theme are you using?
I do not have a live link because I am making sure it works on our web server before switching the DNS off of the hosted location that is housing the correct and live site. Would it help if I can zip up the theme folder? The theme is etherna.
You can zip it up and put it here.  I can take a look at everything that way.

And your sure on these pages there are no page templates being used.
I have attached the theme folder. From what I can tell, I am unable to locate any code in any of the template php files.
Can you identify in Firebug maybe what class or id the toolbar is creating?
BTW, I couldn't find it inside the theme folder.  What plugins do you have installed? Try disabling your plugins one by one and see if you can identify it that way.
Looks like the div class is 'main' and then 'inner_main singlep' then 'container_alpha slogan'

I attached the screen shot to show the drill down.
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Thanks for looking at those! I tried to put the display:none code in the single-blog.php file for the container_alpha/slogan class but it didn't work. Could you please help with the location to put the code?
It's hard without me being able to access the theme directly, so please bear with me.  

It wasn't in the theme's options at all?  Try adding the display:none in the CSS as I mentioned above.
>>>>Ultimately what you could do is put a display:none; for container_alpha/slogan class
That did work putting that in the style.css. Thank you so much for your help!!!
Excellent feedback and communication!!!