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backup text messages / conversations on Sony Erricon Android phone

I have just got a new Android phone, but I want to backup my text messages and I can't find anyway of doing it. The Sony software that I installed on the computer does not seem to have any facility to backup text messages either.

Is there a native way of doing this and if not is there a good recommended third party tool?
I then want to load them into my new phone when is also Sony Erricson (I'm in the UK)

Many thanks
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Try this.  You will backup to your SD card then restore to yournew phone with the same SD card.



Great App! But surpised the ability to backup is not inbuilt.

I agree it would be nice to have it built in.

The same developer has a similar app for your call log (I believe it is call log backup and restore).


Great app. Thx

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