Migrating from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010

One of my client's is a small business, less than 50 mailboxes are required. Is is ok to host exchange 2010 on a single server or would that be a definitely mistake? Any feedback is appreciated, along with documentation on the migration process. We are migrating users on a stand-alone exchange 2003 server to hopefully a single 2010 exchange server.

Would appreciate your feedback!
J CAsked:
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For such a small number of users I don't see and reason for more that one exchange 2010 server - looking at performance side. The only role that can not be installed on the same server is edge role, but I in most cases don't use that role.
For such a small number of users you could also look for SBS 2011 instead. It has 75 users limitation but the prices for licenses would be lower.
Migratin guide:

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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
For 50 users single server is enough, make sure you have regular backup also. Steps for migrations are here
J CAuthor Commented:
What do I need to do about the mail flow settings? What I want to do is flip the switch so that mail starts to hit the new exchange server and then migrate the exchange 2003 mailbox data to the mailboxes on the new server. Is this possible or do I have to setup a routing group connector and create a mailflow between the two servers?
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The procedure is described in document I have posted on pages 13-16.
The routing group connector is automatically installed by installing exchange into the same organization.
J CAuthor Commented:
Followed the guide. The mailbox role failed to install and is the only item that failed during installation. It's strange though because I was able to start all services, open the EMC and even add a mailbox database but there are issues. I am attaching a screenshot with the error I receive when I add a mailbox database. I can refresh after adding the mailbox database that "fails" and it shows up in the list and I can even mount it but I don't understand why I am having this issue. Please advise.


when the mailbox role failed it gave me an error basically like "because Identity is NULL"
What error did you get on mailbox role installation?
If you run BPA what errors do you get?
I would try to install mailbox role again.
J CAuthor Commented:
When I run the setup it acts as if the mailbox role has already been installed and I have the option to uninstall it. When I try to uninstall it wants me to delete the public folder database and due to the integration with the exchange 2003 database I am not sure what is safe to do.
J CAuthor Commented:
Is it safe to remove the public folder database and the mailbox role? It wont effect our users to do so?
J CAuthor Commented:
This is the error I receive when I try to uninstall the mailbox role.
J CAuthor Commented:
I was able to get the mailbox server role successfully installed after making some changes in AD which I will post here later. I have a couple more questions and was hoping you could provide a little more feedback.

We have a BES installed on the exchange server we are trying to migrate users off of. It's BES Professional Software 4.1, any idea if I can make it work with the new exchange 2010 mail server?

If not, can I leave those mailboxes on the exchange 2003 server for now and have things function as they have been up to this point?
J CAuthor Commented:
Can the users whose mailboxes I have moved to the exchange 2010 server, should they be able to function as they are accustomed to while the two servers are co-existing?
Sorry, I'm not familiar with BES software, but here in compytibility matrix exchange 2010 is even not mentioned:

But it seems that Sembee has managed to make it work evem on Exchange 2010:

But is seems that BlackBerry Manager does not support Windows 2008 OS.

Exchange 2003 and 2010 can co-exist in the same organization.
J CAuthor Commented:
This was awesome, thanks.
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