MOSS 2007 Usage Report Missing Data

SharePoint Environment:
- MOSS 2007 SP2 Std 32bit
- 2 x WFE (both Windows 2003 std SP2)
- SQL 2008 R2 64bit
- Running 2 Web Applications

Not sure if this makes any differences, but we recently upgraded our from 32bit SQL 2005 to 64bit SQL 2008 in January 2012.  

Everything seems fine until 22 February, where a site owner (who regularly checks site usage) noticed there were no data in various section of the Site Usage Reports for their Call Centre site:

"No data is available for this report.  Usage analysis might have been enabled only recently, or there might have been insufficient usage to result in any values for the report."

I noticed both web applications are having the same issues no matter which site I run the usage report on. I also noticed in the Timer Job Status that both SharePoint Services Search Refresh failed.  

Troubleshooting done on 3rd March:
- Clear cache (
- Reset Crawl Content
- Run Full Crawl

This in effect, has fixed the secondary WFE server, but not the main WFE server.

Timer Job Status
SharePoint Services Search Refresh  (ServerName) Failed  100%  13/03/2012 2:44 AM  
SharePoint Services Search Refresh  (ServerName2) Succeeded  100%  13/03/2012 2:42 AM  

This has sort of fixed the usage report.  I can see the data from 4th March, but all data in February 2012 are missing.  Checking Central Admin shows all data including the missing Feb 2012.

If someone can point me in the right direction to recover missing February 2012 data that would be great.

Cheers, Ezs
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Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
The usage report system in MOSS isn't as good as it should be.  We ended up writing our own solution because of the overhead and lack of consistent quality behaviour with it.  If the data wasn't captured because of a configuration issue it's likely gone forever.

I'd recommend a MS Support call.  My recommendation would have been what you already tried as well as turn off all usage reporting, then reactivate it.
ezskolAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ted.

We had another issue yesterday, which is now resolved, and it seems to fixed the SharePoint Services Search Refresh  for the main server.  Disconnected and reconnected the main SP server and had to clear the database for Search to re-start the service.

However, February data is still missing.
Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Well, if there was a service issue the data might not have been recorded and could be lost.  I generally don't recommend directly accessing the SQL databases for Sharepoint, however, in this case you might want to look into it (Read Only) to see if the data is even there.  Sorry, but it's been a couple of years since I looked into this and don't remember the tables involved.  I do remember they were easy to find.  I think they were in the SSP database.
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ezskolAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ted.

The data are there as I can see it in Central Admin, but just not on the web application itself.

Cheers, Ezs.
Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Ah, but the more specific details might be lost.  MOSS does a lot of aggregation of data to speed up the response time.  Are you sure the detailed data sets are available?
ezskolAuthor Commented:
Sorry Ted, where about is the detailed data set?

Thanks, Ezs.
Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
I mean when you are in Central Admin you said the data is there.  Is it detailed data for the site in question or aggregated?  My point is that Central Admin might be fooling you by showing rolled up data but in fact, the detailed data for February is lost.
ezskolAuthor Commented:
Yes, CA did show the data in there, but only the 5 queried reports though and doesn't go in depth as when you are viewing the site usage via site collection/site.
Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
That is what I expected.  I think the detailed data is gone.

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ezskolAuthor Commented:
The really the answer I wanted, but at least it confirms that the data is lost for Feb 2012.
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