ASP rounding error on divide, INT function seems incorrect



This should clearly be exactly 29, but for some reason ASP is spitting out 28.

Thank you!
Brad BansnerWeb DeveloperAsked:
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response.write percentgoal


Well, I am getting 29
Please use CInt() instead of Int() function, and your code should be changed to:

percentgoal = CInt((weightold-weightnew)/weight1b*100)

CInt() - Returns an expression that has been converted to a Variant of subtype Integer.
Int() - Returns the integer portion of a number.

Here are the articles explaining the functions:


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Brad BansnerWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I still don't understand why int("29") would return 28 and cint("29") would return 29. There is nothing to round in this case, because the value I am working with is an exact integer, no decimal points. I have used cint in the past, but then I sometimes run into problems because it only handles integers up to 32767 while int is basically unlimited.
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