Intel Matrix Manager Raid 0 Disks suddenly not Raid

I had a Raid 0 striped set comprised of 2 ssd. (and another raid stiped+parity volume composed of 4 raptors. The CPU was getting hot, I opened the case to see what was up, cleaned the fans, determined the fan for the drive bay was dead; made a temporary external drive bay while I order a replacement fan and rebooted. When I tried to come back up the BIOS reported the former 2 ssd drives as now being non-raid drives; but it still sees the raptors as raided. Is there way to inform the bios again that drives 0 & 1 are a striped raid set?
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How do you know the SSD didn't fail?   That would certainly explain the problem.  You should run some diagnostics on the SSDs first.
petewinnAuthor Commented:
The SSDs are crucial M4s - only a couple of months old - highly unlikely failure is the culprit, but I'll verify...also - wouldn't I see an error instead if two normal non-raid drives?
Not necessarily.  A failure can manifest itself in many forms.  Returning make/model information is quite different then reading/writing. the former is stored in the NVRAM, the later actually uses the media, so if there was a massive media failure, or failure in power, the media controller chip, you would still "see" the device, but you wouldn't be able to read/write to it.
After you figure out why the configuration was lost, you can try to get the setup back by running RAID Reconstructor ( to set up a virtual disk that has the RAID-0 data.  Copy it to another drive, set up the RAID-0 array again, and copy the data back.

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petewinnAuthor Commented:
The cause was a power failure I caused during the boot process. I had failed to to plug in the data cable on one of the Raptors, not related to this Raid set. Forgetting just how much more quickly the system boots off of a RAID 0 set (worth the trouble on it's own) I cut the power believing there would be no impact. Apparently a SSD RAID 0 boot environment is very temperamental when it comes to a power failure, but programs were able to rebuild it. Thanks to Callandor - my hero on an increasingly regular basis.
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