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Windows 2008 - Domain Controller

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Last Modified: 2012-03-14
I have a win2008 DC that is AD with DNS integrated. We have a domain (domain.com) where we have all OU and use to join the computers. however we have an external web server host by xyz company that is have our domian.com, so everything my computer in the internal network want to pull domain.com , the pages does not show.
what i can do, so my whole network can see the webpage?
Please help.
all this setup is behind a PIX515 firewall.
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add an www a record in DNS that points to the external IP address of the website that is hosted externally.


what about if that IP always change. I have not noticed that, but i believe, it changes. i bought the domain name and hosting wiht them. i will have to monitor.

If you registered the domain name and hosting with them it will rarely change unless the hosting company reconfigures.


great. i will go for it.

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