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rngsudu asked
Hi Experts,
I have web site which is publish in our servers using IIS .web site is ex:www.abc.lk
.lk is . top level domain.So I need to host this website in external source like godaddy.
so can anyone help me on this ,step by step guide is more helpfull
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Just a suggestion, but if you're going with GoDaddy, why not just have their technical support walk you through the steps as you go once you sign up? Seems like it would be a better idea.


If i want to do so i don't raise this question
When you contact and buy services from Godaddy or any other hosting provider you will received FTP details using which you will able to upload the content of your website from your server to their server. Just make sure you order proper plan and package which support your website pages.

Most of the hosting companies provide control panel using which you can manage things like Databases, emails, FTP etc. on few clicks.

Please check following links for more information:
Kamal KhaleefaInformation Security Specialist

hi i think you have just to redirect the dns of your domain to godaddy
here is a good website about hosting in general



also you can contact godaddy directly for help

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