Cloning Macbook Air with Windows 7

I'm looking for recommendations for cloning a Macbook Air that runs Windows 7. Windows 7 is in a bootcamp partition. I would like advice from someone who has actually done this, not just a link to a product.

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If you want to clone it you can install vmware converter from the vmware. Install this in the Windows 7 environment and point it to external hard drive. This should give you the 'clone' of the windows 7. It shouldn't matter what hardware you're running on.

But what's the main purpose for this? Is this to keep a copy of the windows 7 image?

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LCNWAuthor Commented:
I want to deploy Windows 7 to multiple Macbook Air devices. So, the purpose is an imaging solution.
I know you don't want a link but this link is written by person who has done it for WinXP image.

The note there is not to install the boot camp drivers until they are deployed.

However it'll be easier if you use the VMware Fusion on top of the Mac OS, you may lose some performance but it'll save you hassle on customization.
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You will need to clone whole hardrive, not just Windows partition because Bootcamp assistant changes partitioning scheme and adds MBR record there. If you go for cloning whole harddrive, then you can for example dd from command line.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
This software says it is design exactly for your needs:
LCNWAuthor Commented:
@ robertcerny

DD? Can you elaborate on the process when using this command in this scenario?

I'm also looking at CloneZilla. I would prefer to minimize costs.
the command should be as follows:

 sudo dd bs=8192 if=/dev/macHarddrive of=/dev/otherdisk conv=noerror

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LCNWAuthor Commented:

How do I get this command to run from one mac air disk to another? Would I use a USB drive as a middleman?
Both disks must be connected locally, sorry. Get an USB to IDE/PATA converter, there is no way to do it over network.
LCNWAuthor Commented:
I came up with an automated solution using 2 usb sticks. One is a capture stick and one is a deploy stick. I will be writing a blog entry about the process as it's lengthy.
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