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Hi Experts,

I need Experts advice. I've noticed the refereed application "nwix.exe" has been installed in my laptop but not very sure whether this is belongs to "Nvidia nView Desktop Manager Configuration Wizard" or virus. Please advice. Here's  the print screen of the application location for expert perusal. If this virus, how to remove it?
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The process nwiz.exe is one of the support components for the graphic card and is associated with the video device driver including the program responsible for controlling the device’s behavior.
More information about this .exe file


Also note this is not a virus its safe to have this running :)



Lately my laptop's processor running extremely high until its shutdown by itself. Whenever I've experiencing this type of situation I need to reboot my laptop; it doesn't resolve if I restart. From my observation, this things happen whenever I played a windows media player - maybe it just a coincident.  

After I checked the "Msconfig" I noticed this application without directory, that's makes me wonder.
The nwiz.exe process is directly associated with the NVIDIA nView Wizard used for the configuration of the NVIDIA nView Control Panel, which is intended to maximize the capabilities of video display adapters using the NVIDIA engine. The NVIDIA nView Wizard, supported by the nwiz.exe process, can be seen in relatively newer versions of the NVIDIA graphic cards released from 2002 onwards and normally packaged with the device driver installation disc.

Non-system processes like nwiz.exe originate from software you installed on your system. As most applications store data in your system's registry, it is likely that your registry has suffered fragmentation and accumulated harmful errors. It is recommended that you check your registry to identify hidden errors now.
Also use 'MSCONFIG' to disable processes that launch automatically upon start-up.



How to make sure I didn't disable the critical applications? bit worried if if I removed the system's file.
SFC is a good utility to run when you suspect that system files have been somehow corrupted. It validates the digital signatures of all of the Windows system files and restores any that it finds are incorrect. It will use the on-disk cache if possible, but SFC may require that you provide your original installation CD or a location with an image thereof

Launch SFC.exe from CMD prompt. This will scan and fix system files issue
If you are ever unsure about whether a file belongs or is a virus you can run it through here to check:



Thanks for the help

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