enable snmp on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 running ERP [12.1.2]

Hi All,

I've been asked to enable SNMP on our Oracle ERP server.  It runs on the Oracle version of Redhat.

I need to add a community string called public and allow to be able to read SNMP.

I have SSH root access.

Thanks in adv
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Check if SNMP is installed first -
service snmpd status

If not, yum install net-snmp

To only allow, allow this firewall rule,

-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -p udp s -m udp --dport 161 -j ACCEPT
detox1978Author Commented:
SNMP is not installed and we aren't allowed YUM.

Currently installed snmp libs package is net-snmp-libs-

Any idea where i can find the correct packages, as the ones on the install CD are an older version and wont install?
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I would suggest you download the ISO from Oracle. You only need an account to download the ISO for free. Once downloaded you may copy the packages and install appropriately.
detox1978Author Commented:
I have the ISO we used to install Linux, but the package is a different version to the one installed.  So Oracle ERP must have updated it.
detox1978Author Commented:
Any idea which ISO has the files for net-snmp-libs-
Your question was to enable snmp on your server. Do you also want to update it?
What is the output for "rpm -qa | grep net-snmp"
detox1978Author Commented:
ended up raising a support call with Oracle so they could provide it.
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