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web sub domains access internally

fais79 asked

We have a webserver on which we host a website with several sub domains.  We would like to access all internally therefore, how can I configure DNS with wild card sub domains.

For example we already have www.testdomain.com under Forward Lookup Zone but how do we add *.testdomain.com?

By the way this is just so that the websites can be accessed interally directly rather than users having to go out and then come back in...
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In Forward Lookup Zones, you should add testdomain.com

Under it you add www etc with correct IP


We already have this in place but we also have several sub domain websites that we would like to gain access internally like:


List is long and growing therefore, need a wildcard method where I will not have to create a dns entry for each sub domain.. something like:

Forward Lookup Zone
nishant joshiTechnology Development Consultant

goto IIS7
and to create sub domain is same as to Create new website
as in but change hostname and sitename like  www.test.testdomain.com. but the ip address is same for site.

and you can not add wild card entry such as *. IIS7 is not supported wild card entry.

nishant joshiTechnology Development Consultant

for more check  Link


I think you are not understanding me..  We have website with main domain and sub domains hosted on IIS6 on an internal server which is accessible to the outside world.

I would like to be able to access these sites internally as well... My understanding is that I do not have to do anything on IIS because it is all up and running and serving the outside world.  What I want to know what configuration do I have to do on my internal Windows 2003 DNS to allow access to the websites running on sub domain... I have got the main website working no problem.

So I can access www.testdomain.com both internally and externally because I have created a zone called testdomain.com and then CNAME pointing to A Record of webserver.

I shouldn't have to create a Host record for each of the sub domains... therefore, am looking how can I add wildcard entry in DNS so that when users from within the school access the sub domain sites they hit the internal server.. Currently they can access the main website from within the school and outside..
I found the solution:

AllI had to do is under the testdomain.com I already had www pointing to A host.  I just had to

Right click on testdomain.com Create new Domain called *
Then Right click on * and add A host record

Job done.. Everyone can access the sub domain sites internally as well now


Because no one could give me an answer... And in the end after several tries I found the solution myself..

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