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HP 2510G-24 (J9279A) default IP

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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Hi, can't find this in their 422 page "Management and Configuration Guide".
Anyone know what the default IP for this unit is?

Also If I have problems using the clear/reset buttons to put the switch into the factory defaults can I jump a cable between ports 1 and 2, like on the 1800 range?

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In the factory default configuration, the switch has no IP (Internet Protoco
address and subnet mask,  and no passwords. Until an IP address and subne
mask are assigned, it can be managed only through a direct console conne
tion. ProCurve recommends that you set a management password to contro
access privileges from the console and Web browser interface.



That's stoneage!

OK plugged what I beleive is the correct console to USB cable into the unit. What do I do next, telnet in? And if so what am I telneting as it doesn't have an address.

Thanks for the speedy response but it was the last thing I was expecting.
You will need a terminal program to connect using the com port. Hyperterm if you have it or try downloading something like terra term.


OK fine, so I can't USB into it via a converter cable?
Yeah that should work. The switch won't care, just as long as you can get the connection to it.