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Desktop icons freeze on client desktop in SBS2011 sever enviroment

Hi we have a new small business server 2011 network installed and on one of the clients the desktop icons will freeze for upto several minutes. The client computer still operates it is just the desktop icons become unresponsive.

We have folder redirection for MY documents and desktops. But for this client I have tried removeing folder redirction for the desktop and it seemed to have no effect.

Does ANY one have a suggestion on what I should be looking for. I have looked in the server logs and client pc logs and there is nothing amiss that I can see

Many thanks for any help
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Try bumping up the virtual memory under my computer\system properties\Advance tab\settings\advance tab\


Sorry for thr slow rpely but we wnated to do some testing and the increase in virtual memory has made no difference this looks like a communication problem with the server. What is the best way to isolate the issue?
No this did not work we have formated and reinstalled the client machine


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