Pivot Table Field/Item question

Dealing with financial data.  We have what are called budget versions.  1 and 11 for one month of actuals and then are 11 months of forecast.  also a 2 and 10 that has 2 months of actuals and 10 months of forecast.  The first thing I do is add budget version to the columns and then add all the months.  So the title of my columns are Jan, Feb, Marc etc.  and then repeats again for the next budget verions.  Is there anyway I can select only Jan under 1&11 and November under 2&10?  Currently when I select a month it addes it to both budget versions.
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are you able to post an example
BigWill5112Author Commented:
See Attached.  I want only February for 2011 to show and March of 2012.
I think you will need to add an additional column on your table called for example "Display" and have this value Yes or No, you can then use that in your pivot table to display months, or not, see example.

You can use some kind of logic to determine if a value displays or not, see example.
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BigWill5112Author Commented:
I don't like that it is not possible with the pivot table function but bravo on your suggestion.  Gonna leave the question open for a little while to see if somone else can top that but otherwise they are your points.  thanks.
No problem, I am happy to think about this some more too
BigWill5112Author Commented:
I lied.  I assumed the data looked a certain way on my export.  Bummer.  The attached is what it actually looks like.  I've tried working magic on it like you did but can't seem to get it to work.  Can you give this one a shot?
yes, I see your problem, a pivot table is probably not the way for you to approach this then, sorry.

You probably need to go back to source and either tabulate as follows;

Name:Budget Version: Month:Value
e.g. Boo:2012:Jan:100
e.g. Boo:2012:Feb:50

Or you extract the relevant months/budget versions from source, before performing your pivot table.

You can not do it directly from that attached data set.

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BigWill5112Author Commented:
Can't figure it out either.  And yes I agree that I need to change the way I am tabulating but I don't think I can in my system.  I got around the issue by doing without the pivot table as suggested.
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