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smartphone malware

Do mordern smartphones like blackberries/iPhone require anti virus?
Is it common for them to have AV?
Can they get infected in the same way a traditional desktop PC can?
Can the malware infecting a smartphone propogate to a desktop PC if it (the smartphone) was attached to the PC via USB?
Can the same malware you get on a website infect both PC's and smartphones?
or are malware targetted to one type of OS.hardware not "all".
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Thomas Zucker-Scharff

8/22/2022 - Mon
Thomas Zucker-Scharff

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Pau Lo

Can you have tools to identify what websites and apps were used on smartphones?

In terms of sites visited how would they be centrally captured, as surely the moer you move around with WIFI you could be using tons of networks per week and thus browsing when connected to those, so thus the activity would be on the WIFI providers servers not your own?

How can you get around this?

Is there a local audit tool to see what sites were visited regardless of which network they browsed from?
Thomas Zucker-Scharff

F-Secure's anti-malware suite has an integrated browser that blocks bad sites by content.
Pau Lo

Can you centrally manage and view anyone whose tried to get to those sites?
Can you say here user X has corporate smartphone Y - regardless of network, I want to see every site they've visited? Can that kind of thing be done?
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
Thomas Zucker-Scharff

Not with that software.  If you are talking about corporate smartphones you can preinstall software like carrierIQ that will send those stats to you.  This is a touchy subject though.  It depends on your corporate policies on smartphone use and privacy.  Be sure that the policies are in place and that the users are aware of them before going down that road.
Pau Lo

But carrierIQ is "network neutral" it just shows this is what they did on any network?
Thomas Zucker-Scharff

You said you wanted to see every site they visited, CIQ would get you those stats.  Anything more than that I'm not sure what you'd need it for unless you wanted to block certain networks completely or establish usage statistics for some reason.  Your best bet might be to find something like Google analytics for smartphones and preinstall that.

Beyond that I don't know what else you would do.
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