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Network email address conversion. Need to change outgoing example.com to example.co.uk - how?

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Last Modified: 2012-12-11

I’m in a network where the domain example.com is no longer being used and we want to change to example.co.uk. This process has already happened in that all the mailboxes on the exchange server already accept both. But for various political reasons it is essential that no emails gets sent to example.com.

I have been asked in one particular office to make sure that all users there DO NOT email example.com. (let’s say that someone else is taking control of Example.com and we must ensure no email gets sent their)

This particular office I look after are not actually staff of example.com but they do send a lot of sensitive information to them and I have been asked to make sure that can I put in a parser to ensure that example.com is converted to example.co.uk?

The office I look after has a windows SBS 2003 server running their exchange server (let’s set otheroffice.com) and they have a sonicwall router.
How can I achieve this? Is this done via the DNS of the Windows server?
I will be doing other things like checking the GAL, nk2 and address books of users, however I’m not sure how  I can achieve the conversation and if it is not possible, what other things could I do?

Thanks in advance.
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what version of exchange are you using?
Since you're using SBS 2003, I'm assuming you use Exchange 2003, since that's what SBS 2003 comes bundled with (Exchange 2007 has a different way to do this).

It may seem like a pain, but in Active Directory Users and Computers (found under Administrative Tools), go to the folder of the mailbox users. For each of them, go into Properties, and then to the E-mail Addresses tab. Add the user's e-mail address (New... under the list box, and set the type to SMTP) using the new domain name if it's not already there. Then, select the new address from the list box and click on Set As Primary.
This will add the new e-mail address for the users and set that as the default (ie. used when sending e-mail), and still allow the old address to be active for incoming e-mail.

Once this is done, make sure you update the MX records for example.co.uk to point to the Exchange server (in your domain name's DNS control panel), using the same setting as for example.com.

If exchange 2003 then under recipients Policy make sure the new domain is set as the primary email.
I don't think I have explained myself correctly. I am not under control of the server where
example.com /.co.uk lives.

I am at an external sister company. I have been told to make sure no one at the sister company emails the example.com domain. (as they would have been doing until recenlty) because another company all together is taking control of example.com.

the main head office don't want users at the sister company forgetting about example.com being taken over, and so they want to put everything we can in place to ensure no one at the sister company by mistake emails exmaple.com.
So they want me to put something in place on the network that will filter any outgoing emails. If someone sends an email to example.com it will be changed to example.co.uk (rememeber the sister company does not have control of either example.X domains)


I take it no one has a solution for this then?


I've given some points but overall this questions was never answsered and now time to close down.

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