How can I store more than one piece of information in a ComboBox item?

Hi all,
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how should I store more than one piece of information in a ComboBox Item?
For example, say I have 3 entries:

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but when I select the item, I want a 'hidden' field to be available, such  as:

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Ideally I would like to do something like:
MyCombo.AddItem('Red', 'R');
MyCombo.AddItem('Green', 'G');
MyCombo.AddItem('Blue', 'B');

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and be accessed:
HiddenValue := MyCombo.Items[MyCombo.SelIndex].Value;

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Any ideas how I can achieve something resembling this?
Any help would be appreciated...
Best regards,
James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAsked:
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You could bind your combobox to a datasource (ie MyCombo.Datasource = table) and set the display and value members to the columns in the table.

table = new datatable
table.rows.add("desc1", "value1")
table.rows.add("desc2", "value2")
table.rows.add("desc3", "value3")

combo.displaymember = "description"
combo.valuemember = "value"
combo.datasource = table

When you want to get the value of the selection you would simply use MyCombo.SelectedValue.
James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion but this is required for Delphi....
My mistake. This new website makes it much more difficult to tell what kind of questions I'm reading.
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Set your combobox items to <name>=<value>


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Retrieve values and names...

  AValue: string;
  AName: string;

AValue :=MyCombo.Items.ValueFromIndex[0];  //returns 'R'
AValue :=MyCombo.Items.Values['Red'];  //also returns 'R'

AName:=MyCombo.Items.Names[0];  //returns 'Red'

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James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
That makes the selection filter correctly, but how do I stop the 'Red=R' from being displayed in the dropdown? It should only display 'Red'
James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
I can owner draw the ComboBox:
procedure TForm1.ComboBox1DrawItem(Control: TWinControl; Index: Integer; Rect: TRect; State: TOwnerDrawState);
    ComboBox1.Canvas.TextRect(Rect, Rect.Left, Rect.Top, ComboBox1.Items.Names[Index]);

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Is this a 'correct' way to achieve this?
if you don't want both, name and value, displayed in your combobox I suggest to use a separate stringlist...

  sl: TstringList;  //global var


  //create separate stringlist with names and values derived from combobox

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Retrieve data using current combobox item data...

  AValue: string;
  AName: string;

//returns value of your current combobox item
AValue :=sl.ValueFromIndex[combobox1.ItemIndex];  

//also returns value of your current combobox item
AValue :=sl.Values[combobox1.Text];

//returns name of your current combobox item
//same as combobox1.Text

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Using OwnerDraw is also possible, but keep in mind to set style property of your combobox to csOwnerDrawFixed or csOwnerDrawVariable to activate OnDrawItem event...
James AtkinSenior Principle Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help :-)
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