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Some emails going to junk folder, can't disable it.

I'm running Outlook 2010 and some of my email goes to the junk folder. Even emails from my internal users.

Now I went into the Junk settings and turn it off, but still email go there.

Am I missing something?
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I think you can fix it by doing the following:

Right click on it's line in the list, select Junk E-mail, and Mark as Not Junk. You'll then have the opportunity to add the sender or the address they sent to to a "safe" list so that they'll not be marked as junk in the future.
It is possible you will need to restart exchange for the updated filtering settings to take effect.

When you said you turned it off, did your mean in the Client App or on the Exchange server?  You should make sure you are not filtering it in the server environment.

Our you using MS Forefront technologies?

This is more likely that an antivirus plugin is active in your outlook, like Kaspersky.
Needed to run outlook /cleanrules and that fix it.


This was the only solution

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