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Will dual video cards increase CPU performance over single card?

I have a user that has a relatively new computer (Dell Precision T5500) that is running slower than other users in the same area with the same model workstation using the same applications.  The only difference is this user is connected to four monitors while the others are connected to two monitors.  The four monitors are connected to a single NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 video card with a VHDCI connection for four DVI monitors.  Would replacing this single card with dual video cards do anything to increase the CPU performance?
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Senior .Net Developer
Easy test is to disconnect 2 of the monitors and see if it improves performance.  If it does, then adding a second card with another dedicated GPU should offload some of the CPU processes.
David XFSystems Administrator


That's a perfect and easy test.  Wish I thought of it.  Thanks.

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