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What is the best free java application server, IDE, database environments i can use to build EJB, JSP, Servlets with lot of flexibility, less configuration, hassles. what are the direct links to download them. I spent lot of time on working different servers, IDEs like netbeans glassfish, eclipse with tomcat etc. Some IDEs, tools are good and easy to use in certain situation, technology. I want best environment to set up on my system(windows 7 OS laptop) so that i do not need to change them all the time and practice things better. Any ideas, suggestions, resources links highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I like IntelliJ Idea + Tomcat

Now they have the free version
although I'm not sure that free stuff has all the j2ee details as well as the commercial version
Eclipse with Tomcat, no question.  Other environments just don't get the volume and level of users to help with anything you run into.
Well, Eclipse with Tomcat is no question the most obvious choice.
It is probably true that it is the most popular combination, and as your questions says you already had some experience with it.

still if you want to consider some alternative I'd suggest that you look at IntelliJ Idea
It is experiencing significant user growth recently since they released the free version.
In some senses it has more intuitive interface. And really surprising in our age and time  - they really have a very responsive e-mail support; perhaps it does not officially apply to a free version, but judging by my interactions with them, I'm guessing they will probably respond to the free users also. So i would not discard this option altogether.

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gudii9Author Commented:
Eclipse with Tomcat, no question

Which eclipse, tomcat version  are good and what are the direct links to download them.

We cannot build deploy EJB application in Eclipse with Tomcat. In that case what is the alternate best option.

Does IntelliJ support EJB. Please advise
You cannot do EJB with Tomcat, as Tomcat does not support EJB.
You need to go to JBoss or say Weblogic or WebSphere if you want to use EJB.

You want to download the J2EE version of Eclipse
I think the one from the top line on this page and then depending on your system:

and for Tomcat the latest is 7, I think most people are still using 6, but nothing bad was heard about Tomcat 7 either
gudii9Author Commented:
What is the direct link to download stable free version of jboss, weblogic application servers. Please advise
gudii9Author Commented:
My OS on laptop is windows 7
Then you'll probably want Windows 32bit Eclipse system - from that page
IntelliJ Idea does support EJB:

don't know about the free version though

and I guess this is the main palace for JBoss download:
gudii9Author Commented:
In the link

I tried download link at

Get Started

    Get Tool Kit (JBDS)

but that does not work. Please advise
I would think you want to download it from this place:
gudii9Author Commented:
What is the direct link to download weblogic application server. Is weblogic also free open source application server. Please advise
No weblogic is commercial application server. Myabe they have some trial version or something but WebLogic is mostly known as commerical server, and I think it may be expensive
thsi is the weblogic download page:

you can read the license agreement here - it basically says you can use it for development but not for production

As far as I know most folks use weblogic in rather big  comapnies, who pay the license fees, which are usually rather signifcant
gudii9Author Commented:
Make sense. JBoss is completely free and open source right?
Yes, JBoss is free, I think you can get some paid support otherwise it is free
So, as i understand, folks who do not expect that they would ever be paying for application server, those use JBoss, rather than Weblogic, becuase application servere is too much a time investment to start it for development on weblogic and then eventually move out of it for production.
Just to make it clear -- you might have followed the IntelliJ path, but Eclipse of course is used in EJB environments.  IBM is a huge proponent of Eclipse.

So far all of your follow-on questions can be answered with simple google searches.
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