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Exchange 2003 and Galaxy Tab

NicBurns asked

I have a user who has a Galxay Tab and he has not been able to receive incoming email on his device,his calenders and contacts sync up, I can send outbound and while his inbox and subfolders appear they are empty. I also get an error message stating "cannot connect to server" when I try to sync the mail. I have removed the account, factory reset I am out of idea's..hopfully someone has been through this and can help me out....
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Is this a WiFi only or 3G Tablet?

Please check your settings in IIS against this FAQ I wrote a while back: http://www.tek-tips.com/faqs.cfm?fid=7121.  

If the tablet is inside your network and is using your WiFi, you probably need to set the mail server to your servers internal IP address.  When outside it would need to be set to the external MX record name.

Do you have a public SSL certificate?  If you do not then you should get one.  You can get a 3 year cert from GoDaddy for only $38 if you use the discount code of PROMOSSL.
It was detemined to be a device issue, the device was replaced and the mail started working.


Defective device

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