Whitelist a handful of applications

Sorry for the newbie question.  Is there a cheap and easy way using just windows tools to whitelist a handful of applications?

Our environment: Everyone has only domain user rights and cannot install applications without admin priviledges.  Updates are done WSUS.  This policy has worked well for the most part however at least once week someone needs to join, a webex, gotomeeting, etc...  Is there a painless/inexpensive way to whitelist those applications?
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Pratik ParmarECommerce ManagerCommented:

Try Using the Windows Sysinternals Suite

Which Are Found at,


You have to explain in detail what whitelisting means to you. The way you explain it, I vision your fellows to be in need of INSTALLING some WHITELISTED apps without admin rights from time to time. Is that it? If yes, you need to learn about publishing MSI packages to users (NOT computers) using GPOs. GPO-published MSI-packaged software may be installed without admin rights.
Vjz1Author Commented:
Sometime people need join things like webex, goto meeting, etc...  Those plugins require admin rights to install
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Vjz1Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No solution found.  Please close open question.
No solution found? You did not even give feedback on my proposal (which enables you to do exactly what you like to do: install selected applications without having administrative rights). Don't close it, give feedback.
http:#a37727271 answers the question.
Vjz1Author Commented:
McKnife - I don't want to "push" applications, I want to allow users to install "certain" applications on their own, without admin privs and without the ability to install "any" application.

If you can help with that, that would be great.

If no, let's please close the question so it's not stuck in my open question queue.

Yes, I understood and I provided help to do exactly what you want: install certian applications on demand without admin privileges. Please make sure you understand the possibilities of domain software deployment to user objects ("assiging" / "publishing"). I am quite sure you are not familiar with deploying to user objects.

So again: pushing was not recommended. Pushing is what deployment to computer objects is about. Read my links, it's very easy.
More: please open appwiz.cpl - you might notice "install programs from the network" as a task there - that's what I am talking about (only available for domain members). Your whitelisted, published installable apps would appear right in that list which is now empty.
Vjz1Author Commented:
Ok but I need this to work when they are not in the office.  Out on the road they may need to install a piece of software, let's say "go-to-meeting."  I want them to be able to install it, without admin privs, and without vpn.  Can this be done?
Ouhh. No, that's not how it could work. You need a different approach.
The only thing you could do is try to connect your users to your LAN via vpn over the internet - my approach cannot be done offline.

For offline installations, I imagine this tool might have a solution, but you will have to constantly copy the setup files to the laptops: http://www.beyondtrust.com/Products/PowerBroker-Desktops-Windows-Edition/

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