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Replacing crashed domain controller with new server

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Last Modified: 2012-03-16
I recently had a Windows Server 2003 crash and burn that was the domain controller of the client network. There also is a Windows 2011 Essentials server running as the GC on the network.

I'm installing server 2008 standard R2 on the new server and have it as the DC again. I was thinking that I could give it the same name and install it back on the network to replicate AD from the 2011 server. Am I wrong in my thinking?

Normally in this situation I would just make the 2011 server the DC, but it was not installed for the purpose of running AD. It is primarily used to run medical applications and the client would like that role only to be used as a backup on this server.

These are the only two servers on the network.
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I have not encountered windows server essentials, but this is how I would do it:

If the old dc held all of the FSMO roles, then I would start by seizing these onto the windows server essentials box

Then once this is complete, vefify, then join the new "DC" to the domain.

Make the new "DC" a domain controller, and GC

Transfer the FSMO roles back to the new DC
Also don't make it the same name, if any old AD records are out there with the old server name it could cause problems or confusion with AD.


The 2011 is the new version of small business server.

I kind of figured I shouldn't give the server the same name, but what about in regards to the domain name. Could I go back with the same domain name?
if you move the fsmo roles to the 2011 server which would make this the new master, you can join the domain again.


That's the problem. I can't get the fsmo roles because the 2003 server is dead with no good backup.
look at seize fsmo roles part, you can't transfer i know.
Log onto the 2011 server, go to command prompt and use ntdsutil to seize the roles in the link about.  This should work for you, i had to do the same thing last year when one of my dc's died that had the roles.
Once the roles are seized you should be able to transfer the role to the sbs2011 server using ntdsutil
here are better steps for you