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Windows 2003 AD adding a dns entry from an outside domain

Windows 2003 AD.  We are running a local dns server domain.local.  But we need to add a static entry from our state (state.gov)

So somewhere in our network we need to put that 10.x.x.x = fqdn from state.gov

I know i can do a host file on each machine (there are only three of them) but something with more finesse would be nice.  But everything i try in my DNS only sets up state.gov.domain.local  which I know will not work.
I realize i am missing something real obvious but this has never come up
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You need to add a new forward lookup zone... then add the dns entry.


ok primary, secondary or stub, i am guessing stub


ah got it thanks

Stub Zones are read only, you would need to enter DNS Server to copy the stubzone from.  it would containg a copy of the SOA record for the zone, along with copies of NS and A records for all authorative name servers for the zone.

If you want more control and be able to manage what is entered in the zone you will need to create a Primary zone.

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