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Sending GMail with iPhones, iPads, and Outlook

I am using GMail to manage email from another account.  Gmail pulls the mail from my POP server, and provides IMAP support to my iPhone, iPad, and computer (using Outlook).

I have gone into my configuration in GMail, and added another email address I own (xyz at live.com).  I have made this the default account, and selected that I always reply from the default address.

Whenever I send mail from my devices, it comes from xyz at gmail.com, instead of xyz at live.com.  I was intending on keeping the xyz at live.com address as my primary.  Is there any way I can make me gmail account fully transparent?
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on your imap settings can you change your from email to xyz@live.com?
gmail has configured automatically, but you need to make sure your outlook to mimic the same from address.


It does not appear that gmail supports this.  There is an option to do this if you send from the gmail website, but it does not work if you are sending from a client like Outlook.

In this instance, it was entirely bad that it sends from the gmail account.  In provides an opportunity for the individual to migrate from their old, non-gmail, mail account to their new gmail account.  with no risk of losing emails.

Thanks for the information

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