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Cisco VOIP phone 7961 and side car model 7914

cmhorvath asked
My receptionist is having issues with the Cisco 7914 side car all of the lights on the side car will go red and then the phone will reboot.  This has been happening to other users who use a side car.  Would this be an issue with the Phone, Side car or is the phone losing connection?  We are using POE, so computers are connected through the phone.  I have asked the question when the phone reboots do you they notice if their machine disconnects from the network.  No one has noticed this happening.
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network Manager

What Cisco IP phone firmware are you using?


We are using SCCP 41.8-5-3s.
Did you just introduce 7914 expansion modules or where they working fine and just started experiencing this problem?

Was there any change to CallManager versions or phone loads?

Are you using CME or CUCM?

What load are you using for you 7914s?
Figured out the issue.  I installed a new interface in the switch and did not set up QOS for the new interface.  That resolved the issue I was having.


Was using the incorrect load as well as QOS was an issue