Dell Latitude see wireless but won't connect

My Latitude D630 sees the wireless networks but when I go to connect the window just disappears and I don't connect.  I have uninstalled the Dell Wireless 1505 driver and rebooted.  But I have the same problem.  Its sees but won't connect.  Is my wireless card going bad?
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Are you using the DELL application or Windows tool to connect the wireless network
Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
To build on what mpssasan stated:

Dell is notorious for using the Intel Wireless Pro instead of the Wireless Zero config.  start menu > all programs > Dell Wireless Pro or Intel Wireless Pro (depends on what your machine uses)

What error do you get when it doesn't connect?  Is this for all wireless networks?
RizznutAuthor Commented:
I'm using the windows tool to connect and I'm not getting any errors.  I click on the network I want to connect to the window just closes, when the password window should come up.

There is a Dell Wireless Utility where I can see my network but there doesn't seem a way to connect to it thru the utility.

I don't see Wireless Zero service running.  Should that always be there?  I'm running Vista FYI.
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Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
Ya, you need to disable the Windows Wireless and you should have that option within the Dell Utility. I don't have a laptop in front of me but you would need to uncheck 'let windows manage my connections' or 'let dell manage my connections' within the utility.

start > services.msc > look for wireless zero configuration.  Disable it.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
RizznutAuthor Commented:
the Dell Wireless Utility must be corrupt.  Because I'm missing the first tab "Wireless Networks"  I only have Link Status, Site Monitor, Diagnostics and Information.

When I go to uninstall it I get the error - The removal of the Dell Wireless WLAN Card cannot continue due to the error code: Update.cpp 58
I get the same error when trying to uninstall in safe mode.

I don't see wireless zero in services.msc
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
You need to run the following command in elevated command prompt.

 sfc /scannow
Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
can you disable the device in device manager, and uninstall from there, then try removing the utility.
RizznutAuthor Commented:
SFC /SCANNOW  gets to 52% complete and then the msg comes up:
Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.

in safemode and regulare mode
RizznutAuthor Commented:
after uninstalling from device manager it wants to reinstall immediately.  I removed the driver so it couldn't.  But I still can't uninstall Dell Wireless WLAN Card.

I was able to install a USB Wireless card which works fine.
Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
go to msconfig > click on services > 'hide all microsoft services' > disable everything else and startup programs. reboot, Try uninstalling again.  You may need to start the Windows Installer service if u receive an error.  start > run > services.msc and start the Windows Installer.
RizznutAuthor Commented:
Still can't uninstall Dell utility.  I'm going to have the client use the USB wireless card and chalk it up to Vista quirkiness.  I have spent too much time on this issue as is.

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RizznutAuthor Commented:
Had to use a work around.  I believe it is a Vista problem.
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