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Sending mail, "on behalf" of an exemployee

Jpiggeesr asked
Is it legal for a company to constantly communicate with clients "On behalf" of an ex-employee?
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As long as your HR/Operational Policies allow it and you enforce the fact that the IT systems (including e-mail addresses) are the property of the company then I don't believe there should be any legal issues as long as you are not claiming to be the person.
If you claim to write 'on behalf' of another person then you claim they have given you permission and that you write what they have told you to write or at least in the mannor they think.

You cannot claim this for an ex-employee unless they have given you permission to continue writing like this and advised you what to write.

Illegal ? Maybe in some countries, maybe not.  You'd need to check with a law expert on this one.... but immoral... yes.
Best bet - give up using their name / email account soon after they leave.



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