Allocate Work

Hi guys

Do anyone have a sample access database to allocate work to different people.
As we receive some work on each day and looking a way to allocate it by an access database



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Sounds like you might want something like this...|
Or Microsoft Project!
surah79Author Commented:
Hi Paul

Apologies for late reply but I am looking for allocation like there is queue where everyone can see unallocated work and then they can transfer to themselve, so when they work on it will come on there name.

Hi Orcbighter

I am looking for access database


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OK what version of Access are you using now and do you have any examples of what fields in the database you would be needing. Are we talking about something simple like ..

Job Name
Job Date
Job Description
Assigned To

etc. etc..?
surah79Author Commented:
I am using Access 2003 and
Job Number
Job Type
Job Descritption
Date Action
Date Allocated
Date Completed or Still working or Followup


surah79Author Commented:
Hi Paul

Are you still looking on this ? If you want me to post it another question

What exactly are you asking for?
Are you asking for a ready-made, out-of-the-box solution (for free) that does exactly what you want? - probably does not exist!
Are you asking for experts to design and code the thing for you in just that way that you would like? - probably not going to happen!
Are you asking for ideas on how to change a previously suggested free example? - possible
Are you asking for ideas on how to proceed with a green-field development of an Access database project by yourself?
surah79Author Commented:
Hi Orcbighter

I am looking any one  of the following

Are you asking for ideas on how to proceed with a green-field development of an Access database project by yourself?

Are you asking for ideas on how to change a previously suggested free example?

In a green-field development, just a few quick thoughts:
I would proceed from the following steps

1. Create your database:

Tables: Tasks, Personnel, Allocation

Task_ID (Primary key)
Name (secondary key)
Type                - presumably you have a category for different job types
CreationDate        - date entered in system
CompletionDate      - date task was completed (or Null, if not completed)

Personnel_ID (or employee number, whatever)
whatever else you need to know about this person

TaskID          -
Personnel_ID    - composite primary key
Date Assigned
Status          - open or closed

2. Create some queries
(a) query on currently assigned task by Personnel_ID
    - query on Allocation table, crossed with Personnel table for person's name, etc, where status is open
(b) query on currently pending tasks
    - query the Tasks table for all tasks where CompletionDate is NULL
(c) Action - when a task is completed, add a completion date to tasks table and to allocation table for that person and task, and set status on Allocation to closed.

I would not put the last details on the Tasks table because If you have to reopen the task for whatever reason, you will lose history.
Your Allocations table will also be your history, hence the duplication of the completion date (specific to the person, rather than the task).
If the Allocations table gets too big, you could create a copy of this table and call it Archive, and just move all records older that a convenient date from the Allocations table to this Archive table.

3. Reports
Create them as and when you need them

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