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Computer is Cleaning and Monitor is still off

Having another computer with SuperAntiSpyware on it .. Tonight doing update and cleaning, the computer booted and came into Windows XP BUT the monitor is still blank and not on.  It is a digital Samsung monitor..  

The hard drive light is flashing red and green at different intervals and I can hear the hard drive working as well BUT the monitor has no signal..

Could the cleaning process that said "in order to remove these a reboot is necessary" be stopping the monitor from turning on.?

Again, even though there was no monitor, I was able to hear computer boot into Windows XP normally except for the monitor off.   Something like this happened before so I am asking..
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Could've just been a temporary malfunction with your video. Spyware has a funny way of doing that. Can you please unplug the monitor, turn off the PC completely and back on, reconnect cables and video card and see if the issue remains?


I did turn off the computer and unplugged the power to the monitor but that is as far as I went and the issue remained.  I did not unplug the video source to the monitor yet.  

 I will not be able to access the video card from inside the computer BUT I can unplug the monitor from the computer if that will help. ?
Please do so. Do you have another computer you can hook the monitor up to? This will help us determine if the issue lies with the PC or a defective monitor.


Only other computer is in my other home and that is what I am writing this on.
Well it would help to test it on another machine... if this isn't possible, then yes please try reseating the cable. Also, please take a close look at the monitor while its on (perhaps in the dark) and see if you can even see a faint image on the screen... my other thought was that maybe the backlight's out. Or do you actually have the RGB image on the screen saying "no signal?"
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Video cables are not meant to be 'hot-swapped'.

Please do NOT disconnect or re-connect video cables if power is running to them.
Well yes I should have mentioned to ensure power was off before attempting this.
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Restart the PC in safe mode (press F8 during boot up)  and see if it goes to the welcome screen. If it does chances are there are corrupt files on your OS, you can do a windows repair.

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