Joomla 1.5 Xmap sitemap component problems

Using mod_ariextmenu navigation menu mod so I can get dropdowns.

Added Xmap menu item to top and left navigation menus (not mod_ariextmenu).

Navigated to sitemap page:
- both the left (vertical) and top (horizontal) navigation menu's dropdown's no longer work (only on the sitemap page).
- Clicking the top level nav link still works
- Left horizontal nav menu has strange formatting i.e. borders shrink to text length contained inside.

Please give a solution or recommend a dropdown menu that does not do this.
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joomla_phpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I had to choose between extensions I would get rid of xmap and keep the ari menu. I've had other troubles with xmap messing with my displays.
Hard to picture - attach original zips of installed extensions and/or link to site?
Johny_Brav0Author Commented:
This is Xmap - I am using Joomla 1.5:

This is Ari Ext menu:

I uploaded the most recent changes made localhost to the online version and the problem has disappeared for some reason therefore this indicates its my PHP/Apache etc setup.

Do you think this could be it and if so what would do this?

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actually sounds like a jquery conflict. But this is interesting. I tried to install the version for 1.5 on a 1.5 site and it failed because the xml is set to 1.6 joomla, not 1.5.
Johny_Brav0Author Commented:
Why would the localhost and online version be different if it was a Javascript problem?

Which mod failed - the Xmap I take it as your talking XML? Maybe my download link was the wrong one or the download file is invalid version.
The menu is the one that gave me a 1.5 link to a 1.6 module.

Localhost and online version different - localhost fails to pop over the menu and online works? Do they have the exact same installation of both data and files? Viewed from the same browser?

I say javascript because when a menu item will not display it is often the result of a failed jquery or javascript call. Javascript is creating the popover effect but the javascript is failing. It's just a theory.

The sitemap uses ajax and caching to display its contents. Ajax presents the possibility of jquery or similar javascript library conflict, and cache present the possibility that the view online is different than the view on localhost. Also xmap changes the page header to type application/xml. So now the browser will interpret data differently on the xmap page than on a "normal" html page.

I'd swap out xmap before losing the menu module.

This 1.5 link for the menu gives me a 1.6 download

The xml says it's for j 1.6.
Johny_Brav0Author Commented:
All files are the same and the database has been updated with a dump from localhost. Both in Chrome.

Tried tools>>empty cache and emptied the xmap cache - no luck.
Enabled and disabled both and installed/uninstalled xmap - no luck.

"I'd swap out xmap before losing the menu module." - do you mean uninstall xmap and then the menu mod?

Johny_Brav0Author Commented:
Well I needed to do some web dev on my laptop so I dumped the database off my desktop and imported it. Files are the same as they are synced in dropbox - just DB changed.

Anyway problem went after that so going to try the same on the desktop.

Cheers for help anyway
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